LCM Ministries

Abrazos a Molholm provides a monthly treat of appreciation to the 53 staff members of Molholm Elementary.
Leader – Kathy Bakke

Act of Grace Ministry leads the music portion of worship at the “Worship & Praise” (late service).
Leader – Lois Moss

Adult Education Ministry is the Bible study on Sunday morning for adults.
Leader – Sue Wieland

Bible Studies members give love and support to each other while learning and understanding God’s word more fully.  A wide variety of groups/times are available.

Tuesday Breakfast Bible Study – Jane Thorell

Monday Night Women’s Bible Study  Deann Wanek

Tuesday Night Disciple Life Group – Earl & Sue Weihe

Disciple Bible Study – Cindy Johnson

Friday Bible Study – Kaaren Cieciorka

Bread Ministry  We deliver homemade bread, devotional booklet, and a newsletter to new visitors homes.
Leader – Suzanne Buntrock

Building Maintenance Ministry organizes and carries out the upkeep of our building.
Leader – Karl Feth

Caring Visitor MinistryThrough this ministry anyone who hurts can be visited by caring people who will hold them in prayer, lift them by bringing Holy Communion to them, and walk with them in their pain and recovery.
Leader – Pastor Rob Moss

Christmas Extravaganza organizes, leads and directs the Sunday school children in a Christmas play.
Leaders –  Lois Moss and Susan Johnson

Choir Ministry provides an inspirational dimension to worship through vocal music.
Leader – Larisa Gorodinski

Confirmation Ministry prepares middle school students to explore their faith, discover Christian faith, and utilize their faith in everyday life.
Leader – Pastor Rob Moss

Contract Ministry develops and maintains contracts for LCM including building usage, utilities, insurance, fees, website hosting, and yellow page advertising.
Leader – John Fahey

Funeral Reception Ministry organizes and serves food following a funeral service.
Leaders –  Joan Jacobson and Helga Youngman

Green Ministry works with and educates various ministries and congregational members to reduce the use of natural resources through increased efficiency. To see a report on the usage of our solar panels please click here.
Leader – Don Rosenberry

Green Mountain Elementary School Mentoring Ministry supports students with homework.
Leader – Dotty Ossinger

HEART Ministry provides hospitality, encouragement, appreciation, recognition and thanks to volunteers, staff, and visitors.
Leader – Kathy Bakke

High School Ministry provides a positive environment for high school students to deepen their relationship with the Lord and join in service opportunities.
Leader – Pastor Rob Moss

Hope Ministry holds classes and provides support for female inmates assigned to a halfway house.
Leader – Gail Boekhoff

Liturgical Dance Group learns routines to Christian music to share with the congregation.
Leader – Kaaren Cieciorka

Master’s Servants in Action is a totally participant driven ministry dedicated to service, activities, and fellowship in the name of Jesus for the glory of God.
Leader – Roger Johnson

Meal Ministry provides meals on short time basis for those experiencing change or difficulty (birth, medical issues, death of loved one.)
Leaders – Fran Nelsen and Kathy Bakke

Office Ministry purchases supplies for the LCM office and maintains office equipment.  Leader – Linda Dolton

Outdoor Landscaping Ministry plans organizes and carries out the upkeep of the grounds around our building.
Leader – Greg Moss

Outreach Blanket Ministry meets regularly and makes quilts and blankets that are given to individuals at Bridgeway.
Leaders – Marilyn Karsten and Linda Wheeler

Personnel Ministry is a congregational team providing staff support, reviews, personnel policies, procedures for evaluation of staff.
Leader – Karl Feth

Preaching Ministry provides training, support, and encouragement for lay preachers at LCM.
Leader – Pastor Rob Moss

Romeo Breakfast Ministry is a monthly breakfast for men associated with LCM.
Leader – Gail Boekhoff

Samaritan Ministry educates and leads the congregation in opportunities to serve our neighbors locally and globally.
Leader – Ann Rutkofsky

Stewardship Ministry encourages the worshipping community to grow spiritually through faithful care and use of the resources God has blessed us with.
Leader – Pastor Rob Moss     

Sunday School Ministry (preschool to 6th grade) shares God’s love and teaches children about God on Sunday mornings.
Leaders – Betty Atkins, Hannah Snyder, and Hope Walsdorf

Vacation Bible School provides a one week Bible camp experience in the summer for children in the community.
Leader – Hannah Snyder

Women’s Retreat provides fellowship and a gathering time for the women of LCM.
Leader – Deann Wanek

Worship Ministry oversees worship education and administration.
Leader – Kaaren Cieciorka

Worship Planning Ministry plans specifically for weekly worship at both 8:00 and 10:30.
Leader – Lois Moss